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30/11/2009 - 17.06



2009 WAKO World Championships held in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy) just finished yesterday with the team semi contact tournament and all finals  in Musical Forms Hard with weapons and in Full Contact. The individual semi contact tournament finished Saturday together with aero-kickboxing and the Soft Divisions in Musical Forms.

Well, the greatest majority of people who participated were...enthusiasts about the Italian promotion. We had a real great tournament from  any point of view: more than 600 hundred the competitors who expressed  an unbelievable  technical level and we had  quality in every aspect of the tournament: the coregraphy, the medals, the certificates were absolutely outstanding. In other words, something to be proud of. And that's the most rewarding thing, notwithstanding the many difficulties that Championship went through and considering that Mr. Ennio Falsoni himself had only a little bit more than 2 months to prepare the event.

The Italian Kickboxing Federation's staff who   contributed to make the Lignano   World Championships a huge success would like to thank all WAKO members who   attended and enjoied!

In the picture, the sport-hall   while qualifications matches on 6 fighting areas went on.