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11/11/2011 - 11.04


Zoltan Dancso

Luckily we do have fighters in WAKO  who have a remarkable and long sport career. Some of them have astonishing records, like winning  4  or 5 gold medals in World Championships in a row (talking about fighters like Alfie Lewis, Rita Pesuth   in the past or Gregorio Di Leo in our days). But the record conquered by Hungarian Zoltan Dancso can stay for a very very long time.

In Skopje  World Championships he won his sixth gold in a row in as many tournaments  and always in the same weight class (-79 kgs) and in the same style: Light Contact!  

Trained by Miklos Zrinyi, Zoltan is one of the shining super stars of our organization.

Our most sincere congratulations for his achievements!