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28/10/2008 - 20.03



WAKO just finished a successful   edition of its 2008 European Championships held in Varna Sport-hall and beautifully promoted by Bulgarian Confederation of Kickboxing leaded by Mr. Boyan Kolev.

We wish to congratulate with him for having offered a great hospitality and a very smooth event everybody enjoied.

We have had about 500 competitors in representation of 35 countries, not bad indeed if we consider that every nation can present only 1 competitor per qeight class and per division (apart musical forms where they can be 2).

Our fighters, as usual, gave us a tremendous show of technical abilities, great determination and physical conditioning.

Hungary was the best  nation in  semi contact while Russia was still on top in full contact, but we also  saw great performances of Ukraine, Norway and Turkey in general which is good for the sport: it shows it is universal.

In 3 weeks time, we will be in Portugal again for the second and last part of our 2008 European Championships.

Good luck to everybody!