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New WAKO Sport Rules


Dear friends!

We are happy to announce that the new WAKO Sport Rules have been upgraded and re-structured. Please download the new pdf versions at and study them carefully. There are changes in most of the chapters, especially in K1-rules and also in Musical and Aero. In general, pay attention to everything. The chapters are as follows:


  • Chapter 1, General Rules
  • Chapter 2, General Rules Tatami Sports
  • Chapter 3, Semi-Contact
  • Chapter 4, Light-Contact
  • Chapter 5, Musical Forms
  • Chapter 6, Aero-Kick
  • Chapter 7, General Rules Ring Sports
  • Chapter 8, Full-Contact
  • Chapter 9, Low-Kick
  • Chapter 10, K1-Rules
  • Information about Open Scoring system


Note that these rules will be valid from the next World Cup in Italy 6-8 June 2008.


We will print a new Rulebook later on containing all rules, regulations, statutes etc but will wait until the anti-doping rules are revised according to the newly adopted World Anti-Doping Code. Remember to kick doping out of Kickboxing. Download the latest prohibited list from



Remember the up-coming WAKO events


18-19. April

German Open

Ebern, Germany

10. May

Yokoso Dutch Open Tournament

Amstelveen, Netherlands

24-25. May

Judgement Day

Sheffield, Great Britain

22-25 May

World Cup

Official Referee Seminar

Szeged, Hungary


6-8 June

World Cup Best Fighter

Official Referee Seminar

Salsomaggiore – Italy

20-21. June

9th All Bangladesh Kickboxing Championship

Shohid Shorwardi Indoor Stadium,Mirpur,Dhaka

26-29. June

Balkan Open Championship

Ohrid, Macedonia




World Association of Kickboxing Organizations


Ennio Falsoni and Espen Lund