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05/07/2011 - 20.06


Mr. Kazuyoshii Ishii and EF in Milan

WAKO's president Ennio Falsoni  has had the pleasure of  meeting  today in  famous Palace Hotel in Milan Mr. Kazuyoshi Ishii, founder of K-1 Grand Prix and whose events have  played a great role in spreading around the world the kickboxing image in the last decade.

They had a very long and interesting meeting during which they discussed  many issues and shared ideas for a future cooperation.

If someone thought that Mr. Ishii was out of business,  he was wrong.

Mr. Ishii will surely have a great comeback in 2012, during which he will launch a millionaire project.

In the meantime he promised our president to come to Skopje with a  Japanese national  team and see with his own eyes what WAKO is in reality.

Get ready gentlemen to welcome him and his fighters for the first time in our World Championships!