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29/06/2010 - 17.34



Dr. Pal Schmitt is the new president of the Republic of Hungary!

Dr. Schmitt  was a former member of the Hungarian  fencing national team (he competed in several Olympic Games with great results) and after his sport carreer, he became a diplomat becoming an Ambassador of his country. Lately he was the president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and in that position he came to  the  General Assembly of the Hungarian Kickboxing Federation  they had in  last February where he  addressed his speech.

I met Dr. Pal Schmitt many years ago and I had the chance to make him an interview which was published in one of our WAKO magazines. Since he has always supported kickboxing, it's a real moment of joy to know about his election.

In the name of WAKO I would like to wish Dr. Pal Schmitt all the best for his fantastic achievement!


Ennio Falsoni