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19/10/2007 - 11.20


Coimbra, one of the most beautiful and historical towns in Portugal, is going to host the 16th WAKO World Championships in semi contact, full contact, aero-kick and musical forms.

Promoted by Grupo Kickboxing Superstar leaded by  Mr. Carlos Ramjanali and in cooperation with Mr. Hugo Leal, under the auspices of Portuguese Kickboxing Federation,  the event will take place in local sport-hall from 26th  November to 2nd December.

We are expecting 600 competitors  representing 55 countries  from the 5 continents.

Russia, USA and Canada  will be among the strongest and most  crowded  national teams, together with many European countries like Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Croatia and Portugal of course. From the most far away countries attending our event , New Zealand will be there with about 20 people.