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30/10/2007 - 19.41



Incredible China. After having been to Shangai and Beijing during last April for the GAISF General Assembly, I was back in Macau  from 22nd to 28th October, for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games promoted by OCA (Olympic Council of Asia) .

Macau, a former   Portuguese colony which  has been given back to China in 1997, but which enjoys a particular status, a particular  jurisdiction, is a sort of free land of 28 square kilometres , which is already well known as the  Las Vegas” of the Orient  with its 23 casinos and revenues already comparable to those of the American gambling capital.

Headquarters of OCA was in splendid “The Venetian” resort hotel, 5 times bigger then the same casino in Las Vegas, which costed to his owner, Mr. Anderson (the third reachest American after Bill Gates and Warren Buffett)  3 billion US dollars.

WAKO had its first ever kickboxing tournament in Macau Dome, a superb modern structure.

WAKO kickboxing was a “demo sport”  and useless to say that   everybody was really careful to behave and worked very hard and performed at his best to guarantee our WAKO ASIA a future in OCA’s activities. What we did!

We were very successful bringing to Macau     87 competitors representing 9 selected  Asian nations. Fighters were excellent as our   referees and judges (about 20 people from different Asian countries)  and our staff, composed of Dr. Paal Zolatn (Hungary), Predrag Znaor (Croatia), Roberto Fragale (Italy), Jens Walsberdorf (Germany).

The tournament was leaded by Mr. Nasser Nassiri (Iran) and by Ennio Falsoni, WAKO’s president.

Both guaranteed a smooth running and a perfect ending of the tournament.

In Macau we brought only 3 of our 7 styles:  semi contact, full contact and low-kick.

Surprisingly, Kuwait finished first in the tatami sport (semi) with 4 golds , 1 silver and 3 bronze medals, while Kazahkstan was largely the first nation in the ring sports with 7 golds (out of 10 weight classes), 3 silver and 4 bronze medals.



In the picture, Mr. Nasser Nassiri meets H.H. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah in OCA's HQ in Macau