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04/12/2012 - 15.40

2013 WAKO Activity Calendar

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Dear WAKO member,



Please find here enclosed the WAKO Activity Calendar for 2013 - update 31/01/2013

If you have any proposed changes please contact who is coordinating the creation of the calendar. 


It is really encouraging to see so many quality WAKO Events next year, once again, clearly showing the force and strength of WAKO Worldwide. 


Next year will be another very important year for WAKO with the addition of the Asian Indoor Games and the Sport Accord World Combat Games to add to our multiple World/Continental events, it is going to be a very busy year for all of us. I would suggest that each of you place the WAKO Calendar on your website for your members to view.  It is important that our athletes and members are aware of the diverse activity within WAKO.


I would like to remind referees and officials that the selection of the referees for the Combat Games and World/Continental Championships will take place at a number of pre determined WAKO events, we have selected the biggest events, to enable appropriate review and selection of only the very best officials to attend these events in the future. It is important your officials are fully aware of this.


Looking forward to next year’s activity already, best regards



Ennio Falsoni

WAKO President