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2008 European Championships in Portugal November 2008

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This year the European Championships in Light-Contact, Low-Kick and K1 rules will take place in GuimarĂ£es ( Portugal ), near the airport of Oporto city, from 24th to 30th November 2008.

Mr Carlos Ramjanali will be the organizing committee chairman and he will count on the cooperation of Group Superstar Ltd, such as during the last World Championships in Coimbra 2007.

Please downloads all the information concerning the entry form and the accommodation package.

For any info please contact : Miss Maria Cristina (+351 961 361 653), who will be responsible for that area, or Mr Carlos Ramjanali (+351 96 303 92 36 or +351 21 797 50 62),

Fax +351 217975064, Email: wako.guimaraes.08@gmail.com


Newsletter and entry papers of the event in pdf

Entry Papers file in zip download in word

Event presentation

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