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A Wako Delegation Meets German Olympic Commitee President

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The Deutscher Olympischer SportBund is in Frankfurt and it is leaded by Dr. Thomas Bach we met.
Wakodeutschland, leaded by Mr. Peter Zaar and whose general secretary is Mr. Werner Sossna, is not officially recognized yet by their NOC.
And that's a real pity, also because WAKO was founded in Germany back in 1976 by Georg Bruckner, who died in 1991.
In order to explore the possibility to grant Wakodeutschland the long waited recognition, a WAKO delegation, composed of Mr. Richard Leyrer, Mr. Peter Zaar, Mr. Werner Sossna and president Ennio Falsoni met Dr. Thomas Bach, who is the president of German NOC, and his collaborator Mr. Hermann Latz.
The meeting was warm and Dr. Bach was very pleased to know about the growth of our organization all over the world. Logically, in every country Laws governing Sports can be different.In Germany they are quite strict and the Wakodeutschland leaders were informed about what to do in order to speed up their recognition.
The link was crated and now the hope is that Wakodeutschland will be soon accepted among the official Sports community.

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