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from Friday 29/04/2016 to Sunday 01/05/2016
Location: Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland Contact: Ostrowiecki Klub Sportow Walki (

Polish Open - WAKO European Cup

Promoter of this event is Ostrowiecki Klub Sportow Walki under the patronage of WAKO Poland.

In attachment you can find official invitation for this event.

Registration of fighters will be possible online until 25.04.2016 r.
by SOI PZKB,puchar,europy,kickboxingu,ostrowiec,swietokrzyski,polska.html


Organizer can mediate in booking accommodation. Prices from 15 EUR in three star hotel.




If you have any questions and need more information, please contact


organizer: or +48 609 123 363,puchar,europy,kickboxingu,ostrowiec,swietokrzyski,polska.html

According to WAKO rules and regulations the eligibility for the participation is reserved only to WAKO national Federation/Association members.