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04/05/2012 - 14.56



The winner takes it all in the Czech Republic


Most, the name of the city in Czech Republic which hosted 2 great athletes. Manuel Nordio and Simone Concu, who came there with their seminar " The winner takes it all", light contact and kick light seminar.


Everything started on 14th April at 9 am with registration of czech athletes. The biggest part was made by fighters from the club SK Leon, Most. Head coach of this club, Peter Václavík, was organizator of this event. But I cannot forget for fighters from kickboxing club Teplice and Karlovy Vary. Personal invitation got Darya Vasyuta from Ukraine.


Seminar started at 10 AM. From the beginning both instructors chose really strong tempo but didn´t forget to control all techniques and give advices to all fighters. First part was made by different types of  trainings of light contact and techniques of kick light. This part was important for trainers who came there too.


After the lunch and small break, started second part. Manuel and Simone showed there some combinations and at the end of this part people in the gym could fight. Finaly  in the gym was nobody who didn´t try to fight with Manuel or Simone.


Of course that after exercises everybody wanted to do some pictures with fantastic teachers from Italy, because it was for the first time when we had this great oportunity spent this kind of sport event with members of BESTFIGHTER TEAM ITALY.


Organizátor Peter Václavík and all coaches  were excited and really enjoyed whole seminar. Sentences like „ We came for this seminar with big fear and respect but it was fantastic job, and we are really happy that we came. Next time we will bring more people“  made happy not only Peter Václavík but both instructors too.


It was our pleasure that we could  meet   Manuel and Simone, and to spend great time with them. They showed us that they are not only responsible persons but persons with gold hearts, with love of kickbox and huge sense of humor. We hope to see them next time again in the Czech Republic for second seminar „ The winner takes it all“-


Thank you guys


Organizator from SK LEON MOST

Peter Václavík